Electric thunder dug deep from the flesh pits on green granite hillsides, rumbling through sensual melodies and swirling you through other earthly memories, crashing in torrents that rip through your mind and hammer into your behind - the humans have landed...



Obey your thumbs - 2011

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Our latest release at Bitcrusher, we've taken a little detour with this one and put together a chipstep release. It's got some tasty virus basslines and 8bit melodies with a much-slower-than-200bpm vibe.

The independent fallacy - 2009

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Checkout the release over at Bad Sekta, they said:

Previewed here as a free download but slated for a vinyl release sometime next year, this heavy album comprises 9 tracks mixing elements of braindance, breakcore, idm, glitch, wonk, etc. Play at high volume!

Only insert if you get a definite yes - 2008

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After I can't believe I used to like those guys this one returns to our their roots: breakcore, jungle, basslines and distortion...

I can't believe I used to like those guys - 2007

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An album inspired by a mispent youth playing computer games. A nostalgic journey through a world of playful melodies, warped beats and 8bit sounds, released on the bitcrusher label

Distortion is a good substitute for talent - 2004

Our first release - loads of distorted electronic madness.

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